Welcome to Change a Chapter and our projects in Kenya.

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The Purpose of Change a Chapter

is to change a chapter in the life of a child and their families to make theirs a happier story.


The Aim of Change a Chapter

is to improve the mental, physical, spiritual and social welfare of disadvantaged children and their families.

Currently this involves orphans and other children who live in extreme poverty, in the area surrounding Timboni in Kenya.

Kenya is a developing country where poverty is prevalent. As a result people are hungry, lack basic life requirements and often become sick.


The Vision of Change a Chapter

includes assisting a local school in providing clean running water, efficient and hygienic sanitation; providing sponsorship to enable the poorest children to attend school, thereby ensuring they also receive two meals a day; promoting nutrition through an evening feeding programme for orphans and children in extreme poverty who otherwise would go without.


How are we Changing a Chapter?

We seek to provide the best of Kenyan Primary School education, together with love, care, understanding, and provision of life needs including footwear, clothing, food and clean water, protection from malaria with mosquito nets and provision of basic medical care.


Please join us in helping to Change a Chapter
in the life of a child.

‘Kutoa ni moyo, si utajiiri’

‘Giving often has more to do with willingness than wealth’