Primary School Education


Change a Chapter supports a small primary school in a village called Timboni in Kenya. Timboni is a village 5 miles from the coastal resort of Watamu and 30 miles from the town of Malindi. Mombasa is two hours drive away.

It is called Watamu Academy Junior School.

The school is in a poor area off a dirt track in an area of shrubland.

The school is basic and is heavily dependant on Change a Chapter for its existence

The school has been in existence now for four years. The school director is called Alex Ziro Wanje. He came from a very humble background himself and is highly motivated to ensure children are given an opportunity, especially when others turn them away.

The school is Christian in ethos and the teachers and staff are all local Kenya Christians. The school welcomes children of all faiths.


DSCN8523 - Version 4The school motto is 

‘Aim Higher.’ 


The motto is to encourage the children to aim higher in their studies and simply, to aim higher and talk to God in prayer, which they all do.


Despite the schools limited resources it is a delightful happy place. Many of the children have come from appalling social backgrounds. Regardless of this, all the children have an incredible eagerness to learn and being at school is what makes them joyful and very happy.

The children never ask for anything but they are most appreciative of everything that comes their way through Change a Chapter.


Poem of Appreciation 

Written by year 4 pupils.

“Watamu Academy prosperity is portrayed as we learn, we dance and we play to achieve our goals.

We do not hesitate to show our gladness.

We welcome you Change a Chapter as your support we need.

A lot with your friends and family you have done for us.

May your support never terminate as you eliminate illiteracy, as we cooperate with you.

Do not forget us in England along with your residents.

Remember us to them and come, come again and follow up the foundation.”


The children are also extremely welcoming so if you ever happen to be in the area do let us know as they would love to greet you.

IMG_5153 - Version 2
To find out more about how to change a chapter in the life of a child so they can attend school, please go to the Chapter on Sponsorship or our donation page.