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Change a Chapter helps not only to change a life of child but also those of adults by employing them. Currently at school there is a combination of trained teachers and some teachers in training.

They require and deserve a salary. The number of children sponsored combined with the fees from the few parents who are able to contribute is insufficent to give the teachers a full salaries.

More qualified teachers are also required.

For this reason, Change a Chapter decided to give people the option to


 Sponsor a teacher or part of a teachers salary


A teachers salary is between £55 and £75 pounds a month.

The average teacher gets a salary of £60 per month, only £15 a week.

Their working week can often be as many as 55 hours.


DSCN3797 - Version 2The current teaching staff have impressive skills and a large variety of experience. What we at Change a Chapter like about the teachers is that for them, teaching is a vocation.

They give it their all. It is much more than just a job.

Change a Chapter has been able to commit to pay for three teachers salaries throughout 2014 but the other teachers and staff need paying too.

Please consider helping to join with others in helping us give the children great teachers.


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Since 2012 Change a Chapter has employed the headmaster at Watamu Academy Junior School.

This was initially funded for a two year period. Our headmaster is everything you could hope of a great primary school head teacher. We are actively seeking funding to ensure we can continue his contract beyond the end of 2014. He has many years of experince so well worth his salary.

With your help we can continue to provide the best in Kenya primary school education.

The impact of supporting a teacher is not just on the children they teach but on the teachers family, who are also very poor, as they have an income to be able to support them.


Change a Chapter teacher sponsorship scheme; perhaps you could help?

6 X £10 a month = one trained teacher.

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