Food and Nutrition,

Feeding Programmes and

Agricultural Projects



Food and Nutrition.

At Change a Chapter we actively promote and seek to try to ensure a child gets food, a minimum of two meals a day. 

We all know adequate food and nutrition are essential to sustain life, to prevent sickness and disease and it also makes a significant difference in academic performance.

The staple food in Kenya is maize. Maize is eaten in a  variety of ways but predominantly it is ground into flour and mixed with water which solidifies it. This is called ugali and it is eaten with the hands.

Change a Chapter children get fed at school.
This is one of the ways our project is different as many schools do not provide food. 


We pride ourselves in offering nourishment to the children who come to the school and we endeavour to give them a cup of ujii which is a sweetened warm porridge drink in the morning and a main hot meal at lunchtime of ugali or rice served with vegetables or beans or meat.

There is a rotational school menu and the school cook makes delicious food. The children really enjoy this.

Food costs. There always seems to be an outstanding food bill at the supplier. 

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Five Alive!

£5 per month per child = two meals a day. 

That’s all.

Change a Chapter Feeding Programmes.

School evening meal feeding programme

Change a Chapter realised many of the school children were not having food in the evenings so we set up an evening meal feeding programme. This was a success and attended by some of the orphaned and other extremely vulnerable children who came to school at the time.

The children were given similar foods to those served at lunchtime.

We aim to meet needs as they arise and therefore we wish to extend the evening feeding programme at school to those children from impoverished families who may well not eat in the evenings.


Chacha: CAPO feeding programme

In September 2014 Change a Chapter joined forces with a very small community based organisation in Malindi called CAPO, Community Against Poverty Organisation.

We are keen to launch and provide a much need additional feeding programme based at a church further inland for orphaned and abandoned children.

 Five Alive!
£5 per month = an evening meal for 28 days.

 Change a Chapter Agricultural Projects-GOO


With rising food costs (the government imposed a 16% VAT on basic foodstuffs in 2013) coupled with an increasing demand for food.

Change a Chapter in collaboration with Watamu Academy Junior School started a new chapter in 2014 by ‘growing our own,’ GOO for short.

This currently consists of growing maize in a fertile area of Kenya one and a half hours travel away from the school in Timboni. 2014 is our first harvest. Two acres of land were cultivated and planted in May.

DSCF0045This was at the beginning of the long rainy season. Four months later was the first Change a Chapter harvest. The two acres of cultivation yielded 1000kg of maize from the cobs. Due to its success we are immensely keen to extend the acreage of land and grow additional crops.

Five Alive!
5 x £100 would enable six acres of maize to be grown.

The Change a Chapter: Community Against Poverty Organisation, ‘ChaCha: CAPO’ feeding programme has also started a GOO project.
Cultivation and planting for this started in September 2014 in time for the short rains.Due to the seed variety the first crops will be ready for harvesting three months later, in December.A two acre area of land is being cultivated to grow maize and cow peas.The produce of this will directly go to providing food for a much needed feeding programme at a church inland for orphaned children.

Five Alive!
£5 a month gives breakfast and lunch.

£5 a month would give an evening meal and food at the weekends. 

5 x £100 would enable six acres of maize to be grown.

Five Keeps Alive!