School Supplies



To run a school there are many supply requirements. Change a Chapter endeavours to help contribute to these to assist in the learning and education requirements for the children.

No donation is ever to small as pens and pencils are always required.

Textbooks and story books


All children in Kenya would like a book.

A book is an incredible luxury.

When Change a Chapter has supplied new books to the school we support, the children go silent such is their delight.

A book is a whole new world and one they are so desperate and eager to explore.

They hear about books but to be able to personally read and devour a book is a whole new chapter.

Given the opportunity the children would all be book worms.



A book starts in cost from £3 upwards.

Perhaps this is a chapter you could help to change?



Change a Chapter is highly appreciative to one family who regularly provides books for the school children.

Story books similar to those children read in the Western world are not all accesible. A story book could be posted to the school directly.

Only sending one book in a parcel if declared as ‘papers’ on the customs form should not incur us import taxes. Please let us know if you would like to send a book so the school director can inform the postmistress at the Post Office to look out for a special parcel for the children at school.




A pencil, a pen or a pencil case

One pencil or pen costs 15 pence to buy in Kenya.

For a family who has nothing, that is very hard to come by.



15 pence = one pencil or pen to help a child write.


At Change a Chapter we endeavour to take out brightly coloured pencils and pens each year to give the children at prize giving. This is such a gift to them and well worth their studies.

When it comes to a pencil case the variety of fun pencil cases we see in the Western world do not exist in Kenya. No donated pencil case is ever wasted. Change a Chapter would like to get a local tailor to make some pencil cases for the school children. A handmade pencil case will range in price from £2.50 to £4 depending on whether made from local kikoy fabric or from banana or palm tree leaves.

£2.50 for a pencil case




Desks and chairs

At the school we support there are insufficient desks and chairs. The result is many children will have their lesson sitting directly on the floor. This is not conducive to the children learning to write and study well. Change a Chapter has provided to date 10 desks and 20 little chairs but more are needed and the old ones have had much wear and tear.

We require a further 10 new desks and 5 replacement desks.

A handmade wooden desk to seat two children costs £25.

£5 =one childs chair.

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