Child Sponsorship



Change a Chapter operates a sponsorship system whereby anyone can sponsor a named child to attend school.

For only £15 per month for one year, a child can go to school. This covers their school fees, gives them a new uniform and pair of shoes each year of sponsorship. In addition it provides them with two meals a day. For many children the uniform and shoes is the only set of clothing and footwear they may have. For some this may be the only time they are fed; we are endeavouring to rectify this.

If a child does not have someone to pay, they cannot attend school. The Kenyan government does not assist this school. Fees have to be paid. For the majority of the families they already struggle to survive. It is exceptionally hard, for them to therefore raise school fees.

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If we had sufficient sponsors we would like
to offer a free school system; that is a long way off.

Please consider £15 to change a chapter in the life of a child.


All the children are desperate to attend school. Their enthusiasm far surpasses that of children in the Western world. They seem to have an inherent desire within them to do anything they can that ultimately will give them a better life in the future. Learning and education for them is vital for this. They aim high academically aspiring to be doctors, accountants, lawyers or pilots. They work hard to achieve their dreams.



The education system in Kenya consists of Lower primary which is 4 years. If a child passes their exams at this time they can then progress to Primary. Primary has Classes 1-8. It is completed with the Kenya Certificate in Primary Education, KCPE. The KCPE examination may be the only form of qualification that many Kenyan children ever obtain. The comparative standard reached is the equivalent to a child who has completed their third year at secondary school in the England school system or middle school in the American high school system. The core curriculum consists of English, Mathematics, Kiswahili, Social studies and Christian Religious Education. The timetable also allows time for games, and football features highly on the agenda. They really enjoy it! In addition there are school clubs which are run in school hours including drama, singing, Scouts, Christian Union and a debating society.


 £15 a month is all it costs to be able to give a child such a comprehensive education and food and clothing too!



As a child sponsor you will receive an annual update on your named child  which includes a school report, annual school photograph and a card personally made for you by the child. You can write to the child at the school address and send them a gift if you would like to.


Please consider choosing to change a chapter in the life of a child to help make theirs a happier story.

They would be very happy if you did.